Week 58…..On the Job

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The workforce were not too impressed that they were doing all the hard work whilst the gaffer just stood round drinking a mug of tea

Awoke to a covering of white, only a centimetre, but it was still white stuff; and if there had been a bit more, it was definitely not the wet soggy stuff we had last time, sledging and snow sculpture building would have been in order. However by the time the minifigs had cleared the driveway, (with a bit of help)  the temperature suddenly rose, it melted again anyway, so they could have all enjoyed a mug of tea instead of shovelling snow.

Isn’t it always the way!


6 comments on “Week 58…..On the Job

  1. You need to build a snow blower for those poor guys. Or a plow!

  2. Or a lego snowman… 😉 Nice!

  3. alythmum says:

    I’m sure you could have easily built a plow for them

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