Week 56 – It’s Snow Fun

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It was turning out to be the winter of discontent for snow sports lovers

Well really it’s been NO fun, purely down to the incredible lack of snow. The rest of the UK has been pretty much gripped in full arctic conditions and as usual the country grinds to a halt, but my little pocket of the UK has been bypassed. We were forecast snow, and a fair bit of it, especially yesterday, but all we got was gales and squally showers of stuff trying to be snow.

So no sledging or snowman building for us. I had planned on building a snow minifig out front, but that’s obviously not meant to be. All remains is the tiny patches of the dusting we had at the weekend that promptly melted again. The only reason why a small patch remains on the front lawn is because it’s the small mound that developed from the clearing of the driveway thinking we’d get more so we’d keep on top of it, to make it easier, and it’s in the shade for most of the day so is also fairly protected from the rest of the weather elements we have had instead of snow.

It really is ‘snow’ joke, is it too much to ask for, just enough snow so we can have some fun. Life needs an injection of fun every now and then, otherwise it’d be pretty boring and mundane.


8 comments on “Week 56 – It’s Snow Fun

  1. Foolish Lego says:

    Lol… So funny… The faces on the minifigs sooo reflect your own mood just waiting for snow that didn’t come… 🙂

  2. Minifig Fun says:

    My husband grew up where it snowed a lot in the winter. For him, Christmas is just not Christmas without snow. He was just as disappointed as your minifigs this winter

    • legogirl says:

      where I grew up it was a miracle if we got snow, even a dusting was great, since moving north where the chances increase of actually getting it most winters, it’s a tad disappointing when the rest of the country pretty much has snow and we don’t.

  3. We had a Lego advent calendar this year… and every day I’d open a new piece I’d think of this blog! Love it!

    • legogirl says:

      Lucky you having a Lego advent calendar, Can’t justify it here as I’d have to buy 2 otherwise there would be big arguments, but glad you thought of us each time you opened a new door. Glad you’re liking the photos

  4. alythmum says:

    Can’t believe you have missed out on the snow when everywhere around you has had lots. You are welcome to ours honest. LoL.

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