Week 55…..The Visitor

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Nootaikok decided to make a start on the igloo seeing as his cousin Nanook had come to visit

Luckily we had a tiny patch of icy snow left in the front garden after the brief spell of snow we had at the weekend that melted again soon after for me to do this photo.

As those of you who have followed me for a while, you’ll know that I enjoy geocaching, which is essentially a treasure hunt using a GPS. One of my fellow cachers I see quite regularly, normally at the supermarket when I’m doing the weekly shop, had bumped into another fellow cacher who had picked up a travelbug that she had wanted to get to me whilst on it’s travels. Travelbugs are trackable items, normally like a dogtag, with a unique code on, to which the owner attaches an object before releasing it into the big outdoors to be found by other cachers as it moves around the country or even the world being discovered.

So what was special about this travelbug, that this other cacher wanted it to visit me……well it has a LEGO minifg attached to it, and she knows that I love LEGO and also take photos of minifigs…….she was there with a few others when I did the one about the Lost World last year.

So Nanook the explorer was deposited into my care until I place him in another cache to continue on his journey. So of course whilst he was here, and we had just enough snow for a backdrop, he had to visit his cousin Nootaikok.

I did hope to have more Lego icecubes, however it seems since I made a tray of them up ready for when we had some snow, someone in the house has been using them in their drinks. I mean whatever next! At least they left me 3 to use, so could have been worse


4 comments on “Week 55…..The Visitor

  1. What a great idea for a geocache treasure. I am officially putting geocaching on my list of things to do this summer.

    • legogirl says:

      you really should. Nanook like all TB’s (travelbugs) needs to be moved on to another cache soon, so other geocachers can find him and move him on. However if you are lucky sometimes, or at least it’s been known around here, there is sometimes Lego in a cache as swag, which you can take and keep as long as you put something in in return for the next finder. Always a bonus

  2. Foolish Lego says:

    Wonderful, I never found Lego in a cache. I’ll be in Miami soon, so lets see what I can find there…

    BTW, did you come up with the names yourself?

    • legogirl says:

      Nanook was already named so as per his TB status

      As for the other names I randomly choose them to what seems to fit the fig at the time. Did look up Inuit names for Nootaikok, God of icebergs and glaciers I think it was

      So in a nutshell all real names

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