Week 54…..Taking the plunge

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Kevin decided to take the plunge(r)

I admit it’s a bad play on words, but hey it worked for me.

It’s that time of the year when many of us take the plunge to either change something or to do something new.

New year resolutions I have never really done myself. I see little point, if you are really that keen to change something about yourself or lifestyle then it surely doesn’t matter what time of the year you begin. Ok it’s a new year, and seen as a new start, but the vast majority of people will have failed on their resolutions within a few weeks. The stats say on average they last 6 weeks.

So do you make resolutions each year, what kind of things have you vowed to do, and have you ever seen any of them through to completion?


11 comments on “Week 54…..Taking the plunge

  1. Hi Abby,
    As a Dutchman the play on words looks fine to me ;).
    Well, you know one resolution of mine, but that has been the first one ever… I agree with you; normally if I want to do something I just do it… the whole year through…

  2. Eric at A Lego a Day says:

    LOL I like it! Not big on resolutions, either. Though I am in the process of getting my office/work space area in order. Once that is complete, I start taking pictures again.

  3. Like a lot of people I will resolve to fix a problem when I see a problem. Not a lot of point sitting on it till 1/1! Nice picture.

  4. alythmum says:

    No problem with the phrase … I assumed it would either be a plumber or a diver. LoL.

    I don’t tend to do New Year Resolutions very often as the middle of winter with dark dreary days is not the best time IMO to try and change anything major …. and if I do make one I tend to fail quite quickly. :/

  5. The plumber… I never thought I’d like a plumber minifig! But he’s really cool! 😉

    • legogirl says:

      lol the bit I was even more impressed with is the plunger bit. I thought it would be hard plastic, but it’s not it’s rubbery, so you can stick it to things 🙂

  6. ahhh really? Okay, I am so going to get this guy! =D
    (haven’t seen the new minifigs in my local toy store yet, so I guess it might still take a week or two)

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