Week 50…..The Sky at Night

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Patrick was preparing for one last look at the sky at night

For those who have an interest in astronomy, and for those that don’t, you may well be aware that Sir Patrick Moore passed away a few days ago.

He was an amateur astronomer who achieved prominent status as a writer, television presenter and researcher.

For me he was the most famous for his television presenting, presenting the programme ‘The Sky at Night’ for 55 years. The sky at night is a monthly programme that discusses a wide range of general astronomical and space-related topics as well as covering what is happening in the night sky at the time it is being broadcast, especially when something less common, such as a comet or a meteor shower, is present.

Not only was he an author and astronomer, but he was also a talented musician. Playing both the piano and xylophone, he has written  several musical works. I remember being fascinated by his xylophone playing when I was younger on the rare occasions he was portrayed on tv doing so.

Link  to a BBC News Tribute to Sir Patrick Moore


2 comments on “Week 50…..The Sky at Night

  1. Love those globes. I believe on is from the Pirates of the Caribbean sets. Where is the other from?

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