LEGO Adverts….

I’ve noticed whilst watching documentaries on the TV channel Quest recently, that there are occasional LEGO adverts. I know this particular advert is a few years old now, however what struck me today, whilst viewing it, was the fact how stereotypical it seemed to be in it’s message.

Now I think it’s a good advert, and has been well put together, except for the one fact it highlights male stereotypes in the world of Lego, that it is a ‘boys’ toy, an activity that boys can do with their fathers.

Now I’m sure that this isn’t the  LEGO company’s point of view, and I know there are the LEGO ads aimed specifically at girls i.e LEGO Friends, but these are for a specific product and target audience, which is fair enough. However this advert from 2009 is a general advert, highlighting the pure joy and pleasure of using Lego to build your own construction.

In this case the adult builds a traditional looking building, while the childs half has more imaginative aspects thrown in to the house design. So why in a more general themed advert do they use the typical stereotypes of males playing and building with Lego. Why was the same advert not done say with a father and daughter, mother and daughter, or mother and son combination.

Has to be said in this house it’s more likely to be a mother and son doing the building than a father and son.

Maybe the re-enforcement of these typical gender stereotypes in Lego play, have been the reason why in recent years, Lego have struggled to gain the attention of girls into the world of Lego.

What do you think?


5 comments on “LEGO Adverts….

  1. alythmum says:

    Watching it (again after all this time ) you can see how much they are pushing the ‘maleness’ of the whole enterprise.
    We are another house where it will be mother and son building rather than father and son ….. not that my son lets me join in that often any more 😦

  2. Minifig Fun says:

    Yeah, I think things like this commercial is the reason why Lego has struggled to get the attention of girls into the world of Lego. Seriously, why couldn’t they have made it a mother with a daughter and a son in this commerical? This is also a household where the mother builds with the kids (girls) because daddy is at work during the day.

    I have been meaning to thank you for forwarding that email to me about female AFOLs for an article for that online magazine. I didn’t have time to submit my info on time, and am so bummed about it. I would love to have been interviewed for that article. oh well. Did you do it? let me know when they post the article, I would love to read it.

  3. I don’t see it as so stereotypical. I just mentions a father and son team. I have a son and daughter. I do tend to share more interests with my son than my daughter, and the opposite is true for my wife. It’s just the way it works out in our house. That being said, it is my daughter who is more likely to sit down with me when I am building LEGO.

    It would be stereotypical if the daughter was in the background playing dress up, or with dolls. Because mom/sister/daughter are absent, I don’t think it’s fair to make assumptions about what LEGO is or isn’t saying about them.

    This ad simply portrays one possible relationship.

    • legogirl says:

      I agree it does, however my point being is that as part of a series the other combinations could have been included. I’ve seen it several times, but it was only the last time the father/son aspect really jumped out at me, and made me think

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