Week 49…….The Final Countdown

There is no getting away from it now, Christmas is coming! The sudden realisation at the weekend that I needed to dig out the kids advent calendars already, induced a minor panic…….where have the last few weeks and months gone to? They all seem to have flashed by, and here we are at that time of the year again.

Well I might have managed to get the calendars out of the loft, but I’m struggling to remember to put in the chocolate each night before I go to bed. And the youngest is always up before me in the excitement of discovering what is in the calendar, only to be disappointed that there is nothing in there yet…….ooops. One must remember to remember.

Would be nice if the minifigs would help me out, but they seem more intent on taking the chocolate for themselves, especially since I made a few chocolate lego bricks with my LEGO ice cube tray for some of the days on the countdown to all the festivities.

Was quite a messy operation to make them, but I’m pleased with the overall effect of them. One single one made from chocolate would be a bit much as they are chunky, so I managed to make them in the mould with a divider so it produced a 2×2 brick rather than a huge 4×2, and that aspect worked really well.

Lets just hope the minifigs save some for the kids.

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Tiffany was overjoyed with today’s discovery in the advent calendar

Tiffany is a new addition to the family, she was lying in a wet cache last week on an impromptu trip out to grab a couple. Seeing as we don’t already have this fig, and I was hardly going to leave Lego whether we had it already or not, she came home with me. After a quick bath, she was good to go.


6 comments on “Week 49…….The Final Countdown

  1. Nice creative image, must find some of those trays.

  2. Awesome. That looks like a tasty treat! I’d love a chunk of chocolate that big.

  3. alythmum says:

    I see the ladder was of use again … surely the children won’t want that and would rather it was given to the master creator 🙂

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