Week 48……Take a Bow

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The archer waited with a quiver to let loose on his target

A random photo this week. Why? Just because. I seem to have found an image to do and have something to say about the reason behind it, or related to it over the last few months. It’s not how I intended it to happen, it just did. However not so this week. There are loosely attached reasons to why I chose this minifigure to feature in this week photo, such as treating myself and the kids to a set as it was on a good offer, and it had elements in it we don’t have, but I know will be of use in future creations. As for the location, I was heading out to hide a cache as a local one had just been archived and it was a good location, so thought it should have a cache put back there.

I’ve been stuck in the house a bit too much recently as well and quite frankly I needed to get out and have a small amount of fun. Maybe if I give myself a bit of time out, I might actually be more productive when I am at home, and get stuck back into the things that I should be doing…..like studying, which has ground to a bit of  a halt since the knee op. I just need a big kick up the bum, and a huge dose of confidence. I’m also looking for work, and it’s been a long time since I was last employed or had to look for jobs, and I’m finding it all a bit scary and daunting.
So  feel free to send me some work vibes, because it’s not only the archer who has a quiver 😉


2 comments on “Week 48……Take a Bow

  1. Minifig Fun says:

    I hope your time out was enjoyable so that you are recharged to accomplish everything you need to. I love this shot and minifig! I don’t have an an archer. What set was this minifig in?

    • legogirl says:

      I did have a good day today, I think I need it more often though. I guess mentally I’m missing my ‘time out’ that I had several times a week playing rugby to keep me sane, and I’d just got into a bit of a rut. However, less of me, more about LEGO.
      We have the olympic archer, but this one of course came with the quiver, which the olympic version didn’t. It was from a LOTR set….9471. Was a good price with a good £12 (GBP) off the RRP.
      Es was needing a horse, as YS had had the one from the small set…gandolf arrives, so they had one each. I also liked the look of the wall pieces with brick detail etched into them. I’m thinking we can incorporate the wall elements into some of the harry potter stuff we have to extend it. As well as 6 minifigs, 2 soldier types each plus 1 each of the goody soldiers, of which one was the archer.

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