Week 46…..A cracking good time

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Alistair couldn’t wait to dip his soldiers

I never used to like eggs. I can remember being about 3, sat at the table with a boiled egg and toast soldiers to dip in it for breakfast. I never did finish it. I enjoyed dipping the soldiers into the yolk, but that was as far as it went. In fact anything eggy in nature my palate did not take to. I got persuaded to eat scrambled egg for a while, but only as it was renamed golden fluff. This lasted a short while until I cottoned on.

As I got older I could manage a small omelette  every now and then, but only if it was completely doused in cheese so I couldn’t taste the egg. This has lasted a good 30 years from that initial boiled egg experience. Even the smell of boiled eggs made my stomach churn. However in recent years I have discovered that I don’t mind a fried egg now and then with sausage or gammon with chips. I like dipping my chips into the runny yolk, and I can tolerate the white part. Omelettes don’t need as much cheese, and I can eat scrambled egg, but I still think a boiled egg is a step to far.

However it goes to show that something that you detested as a child, you might actually enjoy now if you gave it another go.

What foods did you hate as a child, but would actually eat by choice now? There are still plenty on my list that I don’t think I’d ever like, but eggs I will…….sometimes!


6 comments on “Week 46…..A cracking good time

  1. Mmmmmm I love soft boiled eggs in egg holders like that. I love dipping strips of toast in the yolk. Might have to make that this weekend…

  2. Nyrak says:

    never a lover of eggs myself but lately I’ve become addicted to poached eggs on toast with lots of salt, mind you the white has to be completely cooked, no runny white bits YUK!

  3. Minifig Fun says:

    I can’t think of a particular food. But I am usually not a very adventurous person when it comes to eating new things. Thankfully my husband is, and I’ve learned to love things that I didn’t when I was younger, because of him. I used to hate Indian food but I absolutely love it now. Oh and same goes for Greek food.

  4. Great photo
    i LOVE eggs!
    as a child i wasnt a fan but now i love them 🙂

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