Exclusive Giveaway Winner is……

Well done to Erik L. who was randomly selected from all the entries to win a poster of Bob.

It will be on its way to you shortly.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I hope you all continue to enjoy the blog if you currently follow it regularly, and if you didn’t, or don’t I hope you come back and join in the fun. Although my current project 52 which started this blog off is due to end in another few weeks. I plan to carry on as it’s just so much fun, and you’re  never too old to play with Lego!


5 comments on “Exclusive Giveaway Winner is……

  1. Eric at A Lego a Day says:

    Ahhh! My heart fluttered a bit as I read “Eric”! But then I got to thee “L”. 😦 Congrats to you, Eric L!

  2. alythmum says:

    Pleased to read that you are going to continue this blog past the end date 🙂 …. love your work even if I didn’t win this time. .

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