Making History…….

Although I didn’t blog about it a week or so ago, I did tweet it and add a post to my Facebook page World of Minifigs  that I had noticed that my name had appeared on the list of  Most Active Users over on the Lego ReBrick site.

Screenshot of Most Active User List……I’m at No 2

This itself was fantastic, as well as a surprise. However it did not end there. I was emailed by the Rebrick team to ask if I wanted to submit a short biog about myself and how Lego has influenced me. I have to confess I didn’t pick up the email for a few days, so thought my chance had passed. However I still submitted my biog and was duly told I wasn’t too late at all, and once a few other important events over on ReBrick had been blogged they’d do one for my ReBricker of the week.

So I’ve had to keep quiet for a little while, but now I can shout from the rooftops, but I wasn’t to know that I got the added honour of being the first female ReBricker of the week. 😀

To read the blog post CLICK HERE
Although I do my photos and blog mainly for myself, it is also great to share my passions with other like minded people around the world.

So I do hope you continue this journey with me for as long as I make it.


4 comments on “Making History…….

  1. Minifig Fun says:

    Congratulations!!! that is wonderful!

  2. That really is cool! I’d love to be recognized for my love of LEGO.

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