Week 44…..The Hike

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Bob has company for his hike. His Dad.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do any caching due to recent knee ops. But now knee is slowly getting better, I decided to venture out a little further. I still have to think about where I go, how far it is and what sort of terrain, otherwise I run the risk of my knee seizing up and then not being able to drive back home. But these little walks are helping, and it’s nice to be out in the fresh air after being stuck at home for so long other than the school run.

There was a local puzzle cache that I hadn’t solved. A quick look and using a few tools and tricks that I have up my sleeves for these kind of things I soon had it solved.  I sent a message to a local cacher I’ve got friendly with after bumping into them at caches, to see if they’d like to try solving it and come along with me to go and collect it.

So off we went, but despite my added company we were not alone. Bob and his dad came along with us too. Luckily I knew my friend wouldn’t mind if we stopped along the route to take a photo of Bob and his Dad. After all his Dad doesn’t get out as much these days to go walking with Bob, so it was nice to have a reminder.

We found the cache near to those big beech trees up on the hill to the right of the photo, but the 4 of us carried on up to the trig point at the top.

It was quite breezy, and a few showers rolled in, but they were short and swift. Thankfully we all got back safely to the car before the heavens opened. All in all it was a nice walk in good company.

Of course if you like this photo of Bob with his Dad, you could own an exclusive copy of another photo of Bob out on one of his walks, which you can find here……..exclusive poster giveaway


4 comments on “Week 44…..The Hike

  1. alythmum says:

    I love the way that you talk about Bob and his Dad as though they were your neighbours (as in real people).. LoL.

  2. Very nice. Beautiful shot. I love all the greens!

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