Week 41……It’s Wheely Good

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Frank was ready to put the tyres on once Hank had finished putting the cab together

This set ( 4643) has been sat in my cupboard for quite a while waiting until the right time for it to be built. Today was that day.

My ES has had a horrible habit of not only biting his nails, but also chewing the top layers of skin surrounding the nails and quite often the other side as well. Quite frankly it was horrible, and looked horrible, not to mention the risk he was running of getting horrible infected fingers one day.

So to help him cure his habit of chewing his fingers (no he’s not hungry either, he eats me out of house and home as it is) I bought this set for him when it was on sale. The condition of receiving this was not only did we have to see he had stopped eating his fingers and nails, but to see them pretty much back to normal with nails that actually need cutting from time to time. It’s taken a good few months from him starting to stop himself chewing on them to get to this point, with the odd set back here and there, but I am pleased to say he has finally done it…………but please don’t start again now you finally have your Lego!


5 comments on “Week 41……It’s Wheely Good

  1. Eric at A Lego a Day says:

    I had the same nail biting habit. I wish someone would have offered me Lego to quit!

  2. Janae says:

    Great blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also.

  3. alythmum says:

    Hope it is still working.

    • legogirl says:

      the truck?

      Yep, Frank and Hank had help from ES and they are now happily driving around the harbour railway that has appeared upstairs

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