Week 38……Time for bed

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Sweet Dreams……

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my bedroom recently, not only by having early nights, but also during the day. It is the one place I’m most comfortable at the moment. I can do most things I need to do from there. I can watch tv, listen to the radio, study and my favourite thing to do reading. If I had a laptop I could also do this from there too.

The knee is getting better, slowly, although not much change the last couple of weeks, but I’m sure I did too much in the way of standing etc last week, and entertaining guests this weekend. Combined with the extra effort required to get kids to all their activities, I’ve been a lot tireder recently too, hence some early nights.

The bedroom has always been a sanctuary. I would spend a lot of my indoor time as a kid in my room, sat in or on my bed, warm, cosy, secure; normally with a good book in my hand to transport me to a place far away, with new friends to meet and join with on adventures.
I’m feeling more like a student again seeing as it is the only place I can study comfortably at the moment. Sitting at the desk for any length of time is not happening. In fact I’m sat here now, with my leg up on the desk, the other one on the book shelves at the end of the desk, and the keyboard on my knee. Thank goodness for wireless keyboards is all I can say. However it might be ok for typing out a blog, but it’s not practical for studying, so I’ve been doing that sat on my bed too, with pillows to prop books and files up on my lap.

When studying I always have the radio on, in fact the radio is on pretty much all day from breakfast time til teatime, no matter what I’m doing in the house. I like peace and quiet and time to myself, but I also like company and I guess the radio provides that for me when I’m home alone.
As I’ve said, reading is one of my greatest joys, and there is no finer place to read a book, than in or on your bed. A small cosy personal space in which to get lost into the words contained among the pages, and of course no matter how old or young you are, a bedroom is not complete without a teddy bear!


4 comments on “Week 38……Time for bed

  1. Eric at A Lego a Day says:

    Love the tiny Lego train poster. Nice touch!

    • legogirl says:

      lol thanks, tbh most of the bedroom stuff was a project ES had to do for school a yr or so ago, the lego train poster just happened to be part of it. Knew it’d come in useful for something 🙂

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