Week 36…….Flower Power

This summers weather has played havoc on the plants in my garden. they don’t know if they are coming or going with the seasons it seems. So much so, it has been a poor flowering year. Those that have finally flowered have been late, or hardly seem to have at all. My hardy geraniums haven’t done well at all, and I can’t really remember if they flowered or not. Other plants that normally flower for a long period of time again have only flowered for a short period.

The only thing that has done well, as always are the weeds. Unfortunately due to 2 yrs almost complete neglect. Although my mother in law has done a couple of weeding sessions, and I’ve managed an odd bit here and there between knee surgeries and rehab, it has pretty much been left to it, and I’ve not been able to fill in the gaps, because until all the weeds are out, there is no point in planting anything, otherwise they just get intermingled making he job even harder.

The soil type doesn’t help either, horrible sticky clay, so that also narrows down dramatically the window of opportunity in which to weed as well.

Too wet and the soil sticks to everything, meaning unless you want to remove all traces of soil along with the weeds, then you’ve got no chance, as well as the fact, that working it when too wet results in all the air being squeezed out, compacting it further.

Too dry and it’s like concrete, you’d not get a tool in it, let alone pull the weeds out with their roots intact.

So it has to be neither too wet, or too dry to work with it, and that normally happens when you’ve got a million other things to do than get on doing weeding.

However now autumn is here, and the weather for now is settling into a more normal pattern for the time of year ( I hope I’ve not spoken too soon!) some of my later season flowers are doing ok.

One in particular, that has fast become one of my favourite flowers in the garden is the Japenese Anenome……..Anenome x hybrida.

I have both white and pink versions, and I love the pink more than the white I think. When sat on the sofa I can see a nice big patch out the patio window in the bottom corner of the garden, and they bring a smile to my face.

They grow a good metre high with the flower stems, which are robust and sturdy enough not to need staking, and love this clay soil; they flower for a reasonable length of time, attract good insects like bees and hoverflies, and look quite dainty nodding in the breeze (there always seems to be a stiff breeze round here!)

So when I can get back to the garden properly, and I can finally finish off the design I started, Anenome x hybrida will be planted en masse. Luckily they seem to seed quite well so I have seedlings I can grown on and then transplant, and hopefully my garden will finally look how I want it to look.

We only moved here nearly 10 years ago to a blank canvas and I’ve still not achieved it yet. But then again, that is the beauty of gardening, It requires patience, but can be changed as and when you tastes and needs change.

So what is your favourite flower in the garden and why?

You never know if I like your suggestions and they fit with my theme and soil conditions, I might find a way of incorporating it into my garden

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4 comments on “Week 36…….Flower Power

  1. Eric at A Lego a Day says:

    LOL Love the hippie’s name!

    Our flowers did terrible this year, too. 😦

  2. The hippie is my very favorite mini right now!!!

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