Week 31…….Going for Gold

Well I’m guessing that unless you are a hermit or have no access whatsoever to media of any type (in which case you’d not be reading this), you’ll be aware that one of the greatest sportign events in the world is taking place. The Olympics!

Now I’m a big sports fan, and have at some point during my life so far have participated in a wide range of different sports to varying levels of achievemnet or just for fun, so I am enjoying all this coverage of many different sports on my tv. Even better is the fact it is a home games, and unlikely to be again in my lifetime.

So with all this time I don’t have to sit and indulge in watching sport, this weeks photo had to be Olympic inspired, which also meant I had to use one of the great Olympic minifigures that we (well the kids have been given) have so far.

Now although we have them all, the kids have only had two each so far, so I only had a tennis player, 2 Judokas, and a relay runner to choose from.

So what sport out of the 26 currently on offer at the 2012 Olympics would I choose?

Well yesterday I watched the men’s final of the team gymnastics (artistic). It was a close called event in the final stages as to what medal the 3 leaders would end up getting. Great Britian were in 3rd place, so should at least get a Bronze, but a mistake by one of the Chinese team, suddenly put Team GB into the Silver medal position. Hurrah, the 1st men’s gymnastic team medal for 100 years. However, a score recount was needed and Team GB ended back into bronze. It was still a medal, but for that brief moment of time, everyone was over the moon that it was going to be better than they had hoped.

So as a big well done, not only to all the gymnasts from all nations, as it is amazing what they can do (I never could do gymnastics!), but especially to Team GB for an amazing performance and a well deserved medal.

So which sports so far have you been able to watch, and which ones have you watched that you wouldn’t normally watch?

Handball and water polo were good to watch, as was the archery and fencing, none of these I have really had the chance to watch either live or on television, although I have had a go at archery before now, it’s different to top class olympic level.

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Daniel was just hanging around


2 comments on “Week 31…….Going for Gold

  1. alythmum says:

    Love it … love how you mix the reality with the figure. YS loves it too.

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