Series 8 Collectable Minifigures

Having to be a bit lazy this time round due to trying to catch up after hols, Thanks Ralph!

I know the YO will want the Pirate to dd to his collection. I’m liking the skier as I don’t have one in my collection, and a Father Christmas will be good too.

The rest I’ll hold judgement on, although the guy with headphones could be good

They are due for release on the 27th August 2012, and the packet colour will be black

Ralph's Galaxy

Here they are … Series 8 Collectable Minifigures!

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4 comments on “Series 8 Collectable Minifigures

  1. Eric says:

    Not blown away by this group, but I do like the American Football player. My daughter will love the fairy. Thankfully, nothing here that I’ll want multiples of!

  2. legogirl says:

    I guess quite a few people would do the same Minifig Fun, i got a few of the roman soldiers along those same principles. People might try for a few cheerleaders as well to make a team

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