Week 24…..We have a problem!

It’s been an interesting week.

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Norman was on standby to troubleshoot the GPU, but first he was going to enjoy a cup of tea and a nibble

It all started about 5 minutes after I turned on my PC last Monday. All was as normal and going well, until the screen went black. It then re appeared, not with the blue screen of death that I was expecting, but a screen of pretty stripy colours.

Hmmmm that’s a new one, and much nicer than the old blue screen that everyone sees from time to time, however it was obvious I had a problem.

Quickly ruled out that it wasn’t the monitor cable, and it wasn’t the monitor itself, so the fact that there was a display of sorts, however prettily scrambled the info was as it appeared on the screen, meant it most likely with the graphics card.

It’s been a while, thankfully, that I’ve had to dismantle a hard drive. The cover was soon off, and the fault detected on the graphics card. A burnt out component. Which now explains the display driver crashes and the over working fan!

You can see the offending component, it’s the doughnut shaped part under (to the left) where ‘Norman’ is sat. It should be white, but it looks speckled now, with burnt out wires around it

A new card was soon ordered and finally was in my hands this morning, after a trip to the local post office to pick up the parcel.

So what could I do in the meantime?

Well no PC, means no internet, just limited phone internet, but it also meant I could get little studying done, and I certainly couldn’t upload any photos and sort them out.

Even if I didn’t have internet access, which I could cope with,  no computer whatsoever was quite tough. It also showed how much, we as a modern society rely on computing technology to complete tasks in life.

So now you know why I’ve not been around this last week, and why the blog was late. On the upside it means you’ll get another blog piece to read in another couple of days, once I’ve thought what this weeks photo will be

How would your daily routine be affected if you could not use a computer for a week?


4 comments on “Week 24…..We have a problem!

  1. Minifig Fun says:

    I’m guilty to spending a little bit too much time online. My house would be cleaner, for sure, if I wasn’t sitting at the computer when my kids don’t need anything.

    • legogirl says:

      but being a SAHM do you not feel that if you didn’t you might go slowly insane?
      I certainly do. I didn’t miss the online bit that much tbh, manage fine when go away so not addicted unlike some people I know, but it was the fact I couldn’t do anything like sort and upload photos etc

  2. The nerd is great.
    Who cares about a clean house anyway? People always stop by a day after my house was clean ; )

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