Lego Olympic Minifigs

Lego have just officially, on their Facebook page, announced the arrival of the much talked about Olympic Team GB Minifigs

The 9 collectible figures will only be available in the UK from 1st July to commemorate this once in a lifetime event for the nation.

Olympic Team GB Minifigs


The Team GB line-up includes nine characters – tennis player, gymnast, horse rider, an archer, judo fighter, swimmer, relay runner,a boxer and weightlifter.

There were rumours last month about the release of this set, so it’s great that LEGO have officially made it public knowledge

So which one is your favourite?

And if not living in the UK how do you feel about not being able to get hold of them easily?


5 comments on “Lego Olympic Minifigs

  1. Minifig Fun says:

    Those are so nice!!!!! jealous!! i think my favorite is the boxer. Will you be buying them? Are you in the UK?

    • legogirl says:

      Yes I am in the UK, lucky for me I guess, and I will definitely be buying them…for the kids of course 😉
      Lots of potential photos I could do with them.

  2. Eric says:

    Boxer is my fav as well. So bummed I won’t have the chance to pick these up. Would love to hook up with someone in the UK to trade for a set! 😉

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