Week 18…..Splash!

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On reflection, it was time for Jane to take the plunge…

The kids both said they’d like the swimmer minifig out of series 7, so on Friday as their end of week treat they both got a swimmer minifig complete with gold medal.

Once they had both got them open, the older one immediately asked if they could have a bowl of water. On enquiring why they wanted a bowl of water, I was informed that they wanted to race their minifigs against each other. So with a bowl of water set up on the kitchen floor, the proceeded to push them in from the side, and then blow them across the water to the other end.

It was so nice to see kids being kids, using their imagination, and not just plonked in front of the tv or computer games, and most of all playing nicely together.

Once the swimming races were over, they then went on to a high diving event. The bowl was moved under the worktops, and the swimmer was placed on the edge of the worktop then given a nudge, making it dive into the bowl of water on the floor. They had great fun, and that was what gave me the idea for this weeks photo.

The hardest part was how best to recreate a swimming pool for lego. After many different ideas and thoughts I eventually came up with a workable plan, well that was once I found a way to stop the lego swimming pool wall from floating up to the surface. Lego is very bouyant!


2 comments on “Week 18…..Splash!

  1. Minifig Fun says:

    aww the new minifigs are here! I’m excited, I’ll be heading to the store today to buy some. I love that shot, whatever you did, the Lego pool looks great as well as the way you positioned the 2 minifigs.

    • legogirl says:

      hope you get what you want on your shopping trip!

      Thanks, it’s really quite amazing what you can do with a few kitchen items, a bit of imagination and the cropping tool on software to hide the baking tin and tin foil edges. lol

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