Been wanting to do this piece for a while, round about the time I did the one on the original Lego minifigures. However one of the kids had put away, not in the right place as usual, one of the pieces I needed. I finally found it in some randomly obscure place, and have only just found the time to play with them.

Fabuland was introduced in 1979, aimed at young children (like myself at the time) to fill the gap between playing with Duplo and standard Lego pieces.

The Fabuland sets featured animal characters, with articulated heads, movable arms, and legs that could be moved independently to each other. The hands themselves however are fixed.

They were smaller than a Duplo figure, yet slightly bigger than a Lego minifigure and the sets used standard Lego bricks as well as specially designed pieces for the theme.

Size variation between Duplo, Fabuland and Lego ranges


Fabuland was the first theme by Lego to have names for the characters.


Fabuland figures are the only Lego I can remember that was ever bought for me specifically. I’m not sure if the Duplo was bought for me when I was very little, or as is more likely the case it was my brothers beforehand, and I certainly played with my brothers Lego later on in life.  But I have a fondness for the 2 Fabuland characters that I was bought around and about the age of 7.

So the only two I have are Marjorie Mouse from set 3704 and Elmer Elephant from set 3706.

Marjorie Mouse - Set 3704


Elmer Elephant - Set 3706

I can almost, if I dredge the depths of my memory, visualise myself in the toy department of a well known department store, and see myself looking at them on the shelves as we walked past, thinking how I’d like another one, or even my 1st one! I think at the time it was likely we were there to buy my brothers new school uniform and certainly not to buy me a Fabuland figure. But I got 2 in the end, so something must have worked.


Each figure in the basic sets, which these were from, came with 2 tools/items each.


Marjorie came with a vacuum cleaner and an old fashioned carpet beater

Marjorie with vacuum cleaner


Marjorie with carpet beater


Marjorie’s, hip joints are a little lax these days, must have been all that cleaning  she’s been doing for the past 25 or so years!


Elmer Elephant came with a spade and a broom

Elmer Elephant with spade


Elmer Elephant with broom


Although the hand size is the same as a modern minifig, due to the slightly larger size of the actual figure itself, the tools and accessories do not transfer across to the standard Lego range.

Bob (that is the name of the particular Lego minifig in the first image on this post)  is really going to struggle to use a carpet beater that is a fraction taller than he is.


Fabuland lasted a whole decade and was discontinued in 1989


2 comments on “Fabuland….

  1. Eric says:

    I so wish I had some Fabuland figures. I don’t even remember having them when I was a child. 😦

    • legogirl says:

      lol, I’m assuming they were available in the states, and I never got that many of them either. You get lots of great things these days though

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