Week 12……Anyone for Tennis?

As I had said I’d go down to the tennis club to help do a bit of spring cleaning in the grounds, I knew exactly what photo I was going to do this week. So yesterday off I went with tools and stuff in the car to the club to tidy up a patch that had become a bit of a dumping ground. It was a good day for it, the sun was out for a change, spring was in the air. However in my rush to get out the house and drop YS off at nursery, I not only forgot my camera but also the minifig I needed.

Today was once again another nice day, so I decided I may as well head back at lunchtime, this time with camera and minifg and finish off the spring clean, and to take my photograph.

All was well, turned up at the club, and no-one was about, just like the day before and I set about setting up my photo. Just as I had got myself into position, lying prone on the court, a car arrived, then another and another.

Oh well I thought carry on and I’ll be done before they’ve got out the cars and walked across to the courts.

Well before I knew it, thanks to the light breeze blowing said minifig over a few times,  just as I was about ready to press the shutter button, they appeared court side.

The bemused look on the group of pensioners who had turned up for their lunchtime chat and play was priceless, as they looked across to where I was, camera in hand, lying face down on the court.

I’ll explain in a few minutes I called across. They smiled and said Hi and carried on to one of the other courts.

lego; photography; minifigs; minfigures; world of minifigs; worldofminifigs

                           As Maria prepares to serve for the Championship point……

Photos done, I then went to finish off my spring clean job, before I went across to the now larger group of 11 retired folk, to explain what on earth I was doing. They did think I was photographing the grass, which I think sounds even more strange than photographing Lego personally, but they seemed quite interested in the project and use of Lego.

Well it did one of two things, it either confirmed their suspicions that I was slightly mad, or they thought I was slightly more normal than they initially thought when they first saw me.


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