Week 10…..It’s a dog’s life

I had to go out Monday lunchtime into the local countryside. It was a nice day. The sun was shining, there was no wind for a change, and no-one around, so what better time to fit in the weeks photo as well as doing the stuff I had to do whilst there. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out, but it seems the new lens kit I got for Christmas is proving it’s worth.

I’ve had a set of minifigs put away until the time came to either give the set to one of the kids, or I found the use for them in a photo, which was the main reason for buying in the 1st place, and don’t worry the kids will get their hands on them soon enough.

Although I took both the policemen and the dog from Set 7279 with me, I only used the dog. Bob also came along as you can see. Bob will be making a fair few appearances throughout my project 52 🙂

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Max loved going to the woods with Bob and indulging in a spot of stick chasing

We only have one other Lego dog, which came from Set 2230, which a friend gave us a few years ago. There is a big difference in how the dogs are designed. The dog in this set, which featured in Week 3, has articulated legs and head, which in some ways is quite good, but it looks less like what you’d expect a Lego dog to look like. Whereas the dog from Set 7279 is more of a standard looking dog for Lego these days. My guess would be the latter is easier and therefore cheaper to produce.

However there is a small story to go with this weeks photo.

Before I got to the woods, I had been walking down a farm track alongside the fields, and thought I’d initially try my photo there. The only way, as you can well imagine of taking photos of Lego, is to get close down to the ground so you are on a level with it. Now I don’t have a fancy tripod that you can reverse to take low down macro type shots. So the only way to do this was to lie prone on the ground with the camera out in front of me.

The ground was fairly muddy, but I had my rucksack, now devoid of it’s contents to lie on. So this was the position I took up to commence photographing Bob and Max on a grassy farmers track. I took a good number of photos in this position, before deciding I’d give the woods a go.

I got up, put Bob and Max safely in my pocket. Put the stuff back into the rucksack, and put it on my shoulder, then put my camera round my neck and set off up the track in the opposite direction to which I had been facing whilst taking photos.

I had only walked a few metres, when a couple were walking towards me, coming down the track from the bridge over the motorway. I’m assuming that they hadn’t seen me lying there, wondering what on earth I was doing. They did have a tripod and a camera between them, so maybe if they did, they would understand. However I’m not quite sure how I would have explained my presence lying on the ground photographing Lego figures if they had come across me whilst in the process.

Not only that, when I first arrived at the part of the track I thought might work as the backdrop, I had a minor incident. Well ok it was a major incident at the time. I had put Bob and Max in my pocket ready whilst I looked for a suitable stick for Bob to throw. However my phone rang and I took it from my pocket to answer it. However in the process of this Max must have fallen out. For a good 10 – 15 minutes I could not find him in the grass and mud anywhere. I’d only taken him out the sealed packet just before leaving the house, so this was the 1st time he’d been played with. I couldn’t believe I had managed to loose a piece of prized Lego (all Lego is sacred!) before I had even had chance to use it. Thankfully as you can tell I did manage to find him again. Phew!

Note to self: Always always place your Lego in a highly secure pocket that does not contain any other objects. That way you’ll be less likely to misplace it when you need it most


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