Week 9…….A leap too far!

This weeks photo had to be done today, as I’ll not get chance for another 4 years. I had a couple of leap year themed ideas for this one, however, when I went to the shops to buy what props I wanted, they didn’t have what I needed. So onto plan B

I wasn’t 100% sure of where the best place or even how best to create what I had in mind, so after a brief caching trip to get the leap year souvenir badge for my profile,, I headed down to the coast for a wander and hopefully to find just the right spot

And the right spot I did find. I haven’t actually ventured onto that part of the coast at that point before. Shocking I know, I’ve seemed to have managed trips to either side of the outcrop of land, but not to the point itself. I’m glad I did though.

You can’t beat an explore in new territory, despite it being a bit blustery, I found the ideal spot, and the perfect twig to help me carry out my idea

and so after 338 takes, and then a few more for good measure, I finally got a photo I was happy with. Really should have picked a non windy day. Dangling a minifig by fishing line from a cliff in windy weather does not make for an easy photo shoot. However between the gusts I managed a couple of ok shots, typically the best positioned ones were the blurry, out of focus shots, but I got there in the end, and my leap year day mission was accomplished

lego; photography; minifigs; minfigures; world of minifigs; worldofminifigs

Jim took the leap year day just one step too far


2 comments on “Week 9…….A leap too far!

  1. Chris says:

    Nice shot! I know it took lot of patience to get it.

    • legogirl says:

      Thanks, I always like doing the things the hard way, but the proper way. All for photoshopping when I have to, but prefer to get it right 1st time, even if it does take 300+ photos :-). Thank goodness for digital!

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