Week 8…. A sticky problem?

Well it’s that time of the week again; another visit to the strange depths of my mind?

But are the depths of my mind really that strange, or is it just a way of my creativity to escape, therefore providing me with some much needed relaxation. Strangely I can’t fully relax by sitting and doing nothing. I mentally and sometimes physically have to do something, but quite often that process is the most relaxing, and often provides an end product.

I dabble in cake decorating, just for family occasions. Lots of people have said, “wow you should make this a business”, but although I enjoy creating them, and who knows where my artistic flair has come from, because I was rubbish at art, it’s not for me I don’t think. I think the pleasure would be lost and it would become a chore, and the creative relaxation would be lost. I get a similar thing from my photography. Photography is great for me, as I can see a lovely scene, and if I could paint or draw I’d be happy to sit and recreate it, but I can’t, but I can with a photograph. So this project for me is taking the best of 2 creative worlds and merging them.

I could play with lego for hours, just randomly creating random things with no purpose other than the pure pleasure of building. It is this child like play that is normally lost as an adult. Things we do always seem to have to have a purpose. Play tends to make us feel good, and relaxed, and has little to do with the real world, so why shouldn’t we indulge and use it as a means to relax. So for me what better way then using the wonderful Lego Minifigure and combining it with photography. Admittedly coming up with a new concept can give me a headache, and a panic of, ‘the week’s nearly over!’ (but not as much as if I was doing a 365 project instead of a 52), but when that concept and idea suddenly appears, the pleasure in then creating it is worth it all.

A quote from a friend last week

“I love your minifig photos. They make me smile!”

Well what could I say, a simple statement, that meant a lot. If I can make just one person smile with my minifig photos, then I can smile too. Because at the end of the day, as much as it is for my personal enjoyment and challenge, the thought that others are sharing that enjoyment with me is what makes it all worthwhile.

So hopefully this weeks installment will have the same effect on at least one more person in the world.

Cleopatra reportedly bathed in milk and honey, perhaps this was as much to relax from day to day stresses of being the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, as it was a beauty regime. And I doubt she had much time or the means to be creative in any way shape or form, other than her liaisons with Marc Anthony and Caeser. But she did provide me with the means to be creative and indulge in a form of relaxation.

lego; photography; minifigs; minfigures; world of minifigs; worldofminifigs

Cleopatra wasn’t sure if syrup would be quite the same as honey in her bath, however that was all there was, so it would have to do


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