Week 7…..The great outdoors

Another passion in our house is geocaching

As the kids had a couple of days holiday this week, they had asked to go geocaching for the day. Perfect I thought, about time I took some minifigs into the great outdoors. So a couple of different possibilities accompanied us on our trip out.

In the 8hrs we were out, I actually only managed a couple of different shots using only one of the figs I took with me. However the one I used I think will become a permanent fixture in my camera bag, which goes most places when we are out and about. In fact I think he might be a new addition to the family. So without further ado, I’ll introduce you to Bob.

lego; photography; minifigs; minfigures; world of minifigs; worldofminifigs

Bob liked nothing more than spending time in the great outdoors

Why Bob you ask, well Bob has been a name I’ve used for a long long time, it’s just one of those names that just slips off the tongue, and suits a whole host of situations when you might need to use a name for something or someone.

This was where we stopped to have some lunch, I think Bob enjoyed the view as much as we did. It was nice to see the sun shining for a change. And to be in the great outdoors away from hustle and bustle, and just to feel the tranquility of the surroundings. Bob and I are one of a kind.


2 comments on “Week 7…..The great outdoors

  1. It’s such a big world out there said Bob x

  2. legogirl says:

    ‘A big big world in which to explore, and discover one’s true self’ he said

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