The Green Totknotwhat Bird

Ok I know this isn’t a minifig related post, but had to share as I think it’s a cheery looking creation. It makes me smile anyway, and lets my inner child escape.

I was sat watching the TV last night, and the youngest one had tipped out the entire box of DUPLO bricks in a big pile on the rug. By this time of night the kids were in bed, but this pile of bricks was starring at me, enticing me to build something with them. Who can resist the temptation to just build something random from LEGO bricks. So my inner self had me sat down on the floor playing with them. I started off trying to build a ball, but then slowly but surely the Green Totknotwhat Bird was created.

I hope you enjoy seeing him as much as I enjoyed building him. I think it does us all good as adults to let that inner child escape from time to time!

Green Totknotwhat Bird


However reverting back to the main topic of this blog, Minifigs, then I did have a successful trip to the shops today. We have added to the collection, another surgeon, YS wanted one although ES already has one. So that if I’m correct means that the other packet has the Statue of Liberty in for ES when he returns later today. I however got another Roman Soldier to add to the collection, this is the most popular minifig of Series 6 I reckon. And one that you really need to have more than a couple of to have an effect  A steadily growing army is in the making, our number is up to 4 🙂


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