I have learnt a little trick today, I’m sure lots of you already know this, but I didn’t surprisingly. Having just recently acquired one of the new LEGO friends sets. Not because I have girls, and want to introduce them to LEGO, because if I did have girls, I’m sure they’d be just as happy with normal LEGO as much as anything aimed specifically at them. But because one of the sets contained some elements I needed, and I’m sure the rest of the bricks will come in handy at some point. Even the boys will find a use for purple or pink bricks surely.

Well at least one of these sets comes with a plate decorated with decals. Now it has to be said, for us this is a waste of a plate, regardless of its colour. None of us are going to want it decorated with the name of one of the LEGO friends. Unlike normal LEGO sets such as Harry Potter, the printed decal does not come as a sticker sheet, but already pre printed on, like the details on a minifig.

However I have discovered today that the trick of the trade to remove these from bricks is none other than good old Brasso!

Yes that is right the humble tin of brasso, one of which has resided in the back of my cupboard for a few years, only seeing the light of day on the odd occasion I decide that the fire and it’s surround needs the fingerprints of small boys removing from it. However as described elsewhere on the web, it does a fantastic job of removing annoying, unwanted decals from lego bricks. Result.

It reportedly takes away some of the sheen from the surface, but the plate I used it on, seems to be just as shiny as it was originally, but I did give it a good wipe with the other staple item for odd jobs around the house here, the humble baby wipe

cleaned up plates with brasso, one on left was cleaned, the one on the right is as it was when manufactured


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