Whilst browsing….

the web this morning looking at surprise, surprise, LEGO. I stumbled across a few sites showing details for series 7 of the minifig collections. Now seeing as series 6 has only really just hit the shelves, this is quite exciting. I know it is due for release sometime around May 2012. So that gives us all a couple of months to source the minifigs we want the most from series 6. I definitely want a few more roman soldiers than the one we have already. Shame the shop didn’t have any in this morning, they did however seemed to have found a few series 5 lying about the storeroom so those are currently back out on the shelves.

So it seems series  7 will contain the following

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(pictures edited from the set image)
  • Sci-Fi Warrior
  • Bagpipe Player
  • Bunny Suit Man
  • Female Rock Star
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Jungle Boy
  • Hippy
  • Geek
  • Female Viking
  • Dark Knight
  • Daredevil
  • Bride
  • Aztec Warrior
  • Male Tennis Player
  • Olympic Swimmer
  • Neptune/Poseidon
The Bunny man is going to be a big hit with the youngest one. He loves rabbits. The male tennis player will be good to go with the female one from series 3.
Little red riding hood looks good as well. Can think of a few photo’s to do with that one.
It is good to see more female minifgs in the collections, but it would be nice to see more female minifigs in more day to day clothing. It’s hard trying to put together a minifig that represents me.

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